Dagga activist lights up on live TV

The interview comes shortly after a march through Cape Town for the legalisation of marijuana.

Dagga activists lights up on TV. Picture: Youtube Screebgrab

JOHANNESBURG - It appears as if Andre du Plessis from the Cannabis Working Group decided to "burn one down" on live television.

In a televised debate with Dr David Bayever from the Central Drug Authority (CDA), du Plessis interrupted Bayever in a rant about how incompetent the CDA had been in dealing with the issue of dagga's legalisation in the country.

Du Plessis then proceeded to calmly light up what looked like a marijuana joint before walking off screen.

Watch: Newsroom guest smokes what appears to be dagga on air

The interview comes after thousands marched through the streets of Cape Town for the legalisation of marijuana on Saturday.

While the SABC condemned du Plessis's actions, Twitter users have highly recommended the video clip for viewing: