Love story comes to life at St Petersburg Ballet

Julian Hibbert surprised the love of his life Andil Petzer with a magical backstage proposal.

Love story comes to life at St Petersburg Ballet. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Surrounded by ballerinas in whispy white, Andil Petzer was overcome with emotion as she received the most romantic proposal she could ever have dreamed of.

Petzer had just watched the St Petersburg Ballet Theatre perform Giselle, a ballet about a peasant girl who dies of a broken heart after discovering her lover is engaged to someone else.

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After the final curtain fell on Giselle's great love story, Petzer accompanied her own love Julian Hibbert on what she believed to be a backstage meet-and-greet session he had arranged for her with the dancers.

The starry-eyed woman had no idea that Hibbert had spent months orchestrating what was set to be a spectacular proposal, and the Russian dance troupe was in on the plan.

When they arrived backstage the couple were surrounded by the ethereal "Wilis", all eager to be part of the magical moment, making it all-the-more special. Then prima ballerina Irina Kalesnikova stepped forward and handed Andil a note.

The message inside was: "Julian has something he would like to ask you."

When Petzer turned to him, he was down on bended knee with a sparkling engagement ring.

"My idea was to let her know that I think life is like a ballet, and we are all dancers. And all I want is for her to dance with me forever," Hibbert said.

Internationally renowned Prima Ballerina Irina Kolesnikova was equally pleased to have played a special role for one of her fans.

The couple will break the happy news to their families on Mother's Day.

In the story the "Wilis", a group of beautiful, supernatural women, summon Giselle from her grave. They dance with her and target her lover. But Giselle's great love frees him from their grasp.

The epic love story played out by the St Petersburg Ballet Theatre is currently on the South African leg of their world tour, offering world class performances of Giselle, Swan Lake and Don Quixote.