Cape Town dagga march in full swing

Hundreds of people have gathered in Cape Town for a pro-dagga march.

This gentleman has the biggest zol at the march. Not sure what's inside but it looks quite strong. Xolani Koyana/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Hundreds of people have gathered in Cape Town ahead of a pro-dagga march.

This follows a series of other marches which are a part of the Global Cannabis Campaign.

The group is marching through the streets of Cape Town this afternoon to highlight their desire to have the drug legalised.

The smell of dagga wafts through the air as the crowd prepares to march through the Mother City streets, some smoke, while others are rolling what appears to be dagga cigarettes.

Hundreds are holding placards in support of the campaign, including one that reads, "A high country is a happy country."

Organisers say there were plans for similar marches in other parts of the country, but they could not secure permits to do so.

Police are keeping a close eye on a peaceful and happy looking crowd.