NUM awaiting Lonmin’s reasons for 3,500 job cuts

Lonmin is said to be planning job cuts in the mining sector in an attempt to withstand low platinum prices.

FILE: NUM says they want to save jobs. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) on Friday said it was still waiting to hold talks with Lonmin to understand the reasons behind its intention to cut 3,500 jobs.

It's understood that Lonmin was planning to cut jobs in the mining sector in an attempt to withstand low platinum prices.

The NUM's Eric Gcilitshana said they wanted to save jobs because far too many people were without employment at the moment.

"It's a shock because we have not yet been officially approached about this. We have seen on the memo that there's consultation with unions but NUM is excluded in those unions. We are still waiting for Lonmin to brief us on what their plan is for cutting jobs and what are the mitigating factors."

In March, NUM members marched to the Glencore offices in Johannesburg to demand that the company halt its plans to shut down an Mpumalanga mine.

The union was demanding that the company put a hold on plans to shut down the Optimum Coal Mine which could see over 1,000 employees lose their jobs.

This was the union's second march to Glencore's offices this year after a similar demonstration in February.

The mining company says its decision to close down the Mpumalanga mine was informed by poor market conditions which have severely affected its profits.

However, NUM claimed executives were making rash decisions that are affecting the livelihoods of thousands.