First On EWN: 'My husband infected my daughter with HIV'

A nine-year-old girl has contracted HIV after being sexually assaulted by her stepfather for years.

A Kagiso mother has told EWN of her pain after learning that her husband had allegedly been raping her daughter for more than 4 years. Picture: Thando Kubheka/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - A West Rand mother has told Eyewitness News she fears for the safety of her family because her estranged husband, who allegedly raped her nine-year-old daughter for years, is out on bail.

The woman, who cannot be named to protect her daughter's identity, has described how her young child kept silent about the rape for over four years, and is now HIV positive.

Police have confirmed the man was arrested and charged with rape, but was released for health reasons and is due back in court soon.

The young girl's mother said she's gripped with fear now that her estranged husband has been allowed to return to the community.

"I'm scared. I am not walking like I used to in the street because I don't know where he is. He can pay people to kill us. She told me that her stepdad was sleeping with her from when she was five-years-old."

The man is believed to be living just a few blocks away from the family.

The Kagiso mother said the man would allegedly bribe her daughter with money and threaten her life to keep her silent.

"He would always tell her, 'don't tell your mother. If you tell your mother, you'll see what I'm going to do'".

The girl's mother said every time she sees her daughter taking ARV medication, she can't help but feel like she has failed her.

"She was asking me, 'Mommy am I going to drink these pills until I'm going to be a granny?'"

WATCH: _A nine year-old girl is on ARV's following years of abuse by her HIV positive stepfather. _

The 42-year-old mother said her daughter has been robbed of her childhood, and is constantly scared knowing the man who allegedly raped her is out on the streets.

The girl's rape only came to light after she started getting sick and tested positive for HIV.