#NepalQuake: Communities attempt to rebuild

A 7.8 magnitude quake has claimed more than 7,000 lives & completely destroyed some communities.

Gift of the Givers walk through an area hit by the quake. Scores of collapsed buildings. Picture: Mia Lindeque/EWN

KATHMANDU - As thousands of Nepalese try to rebuild their homes and salvage what remains of their belongings following the deadly earthquake, the country's government is preparing to demolish collapsed buildings.

The 7.8 magnitude quake has almost completely destroyed communities in some rural parts of the country.

More than 7,000 people have been killed while over 10,000 are being treated for injuries.

#Nepalquake Bodies being cremated at the Pashupatinath temple. Last vicim of the quake was cremated yesterday.

ML pic.twitter.com/laQi7GwztH

Heroic and frightening stories have been told about how people jumped off buildings to escape the quake, ran into collapse home to rescue stranded children, and how community members made their vehicles available to serve as ambulances.

People in Nepal don't only fear falling asleep in poorly built structures as more aftershocks continue to hit the country, but have also admitted they don't feel safe in hospitals.

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A Nepalese professor says the country needs to look at the way people have been building houses, fearing another disaster if this is not addressed.

"Right now we want a restructure of Nepal. What will happen after two or three years?"

Members of the Gift of the Givers Foundation have been going from house to house, treating the injured at their homes and set up feeding schemes at hospitals.