Eldos ward councillor promises over 1,000 houses

Councillor Peter Rafferty told residents 1,350 homes will be built in the community over the next 4 years.

A screengrab of an Eldorado Park resident, Dawid Stevenson, preparing a piece of land where he plans to build his house, as the residents continue to illegally grab land in the area.

JOHANNESBURG - The Eldorado Park ward councillor has told angry residents who have been illegally grabbing land since last week that 1,350 will be built in the community over the next four years.

Councillor Peter Rafferty says the housing project is the first to be implemented in the southern Johannesburg area since 1992.

He says residents living in backyard shacks have become frustrated by the development in surrounding areas such as Soweto.

Rafferty says some of the people have been waiting for a house since the 1980s.

"The government came in 2009 and made a lot of promises and those promises were not fulfilled so one can understand the people's frustrations."

Earlier, the Johannesburg Metro Police were in the area to halt the illegal occupation of an open piece of land by people who are demanding houses from government, but community members are fighting back and have called on new Miss South Africa, Liesl Laurie, to help them.

The Eldorado Park Civic Association says about 4,000 people have already expressed their interest in claiming a piece of land which is on a field suspected of being used for crime.

On Friday, residents started clearing parts of the land and yesterday held another meeting about how to proceed.

Eldorado Park resident Dawid Stevenson called on the new Miss South Africa for help.

WATCH: Land grabs rife in Eldorado Park.