Wits SRC president dismissed from office

Mcebo Dlamini was removed from office because he's been convicted of an offence by a disciplinary panel.

University of the Witwatersrand. Picture: University of the Witwatersrand Facebook Page.

JOHANNESBURG - Wits University's Vice Chancellor, Professor Adam Habib, on Monday said he'd removed the institution's Student Representative Council (SRC) President Mcebo Dlamini from office because he'd been convicted of an offence by a disciplinary panel.

Habib said his removal from office had nothing to do with his claims that he was an admirer of German dictator Adolf Hitler, even though he'd asked the legal office to investigate those comments as well.

The vice chancellor confirmed that Dlamini was being forced to step down after he'd earlier been allowed to stay on in office while appealing that conviction.

But it emerged that the SRC leader appeared to be delaying the appeal process.

Habib said it was against the SRC's own constitution to be in office after being convicted by the panel.

"There can't be a situation where the constitution of the SRC isn't implemented to its fullest, and so I revoked my concession which means he has to immediately stand down."

Dlamini said he'd been removed from his position only because he'd given into pressure from Zionists.

He said this decision showed Habib was weak.

"It's proof to everyone that white supremacy is putting its boots on the neck of the black child."

Last week, Habib condemned Dlamini's social media posts about his admiration for Hitler.

The SRC president has been unapologetic about his comments, despite an outcry from the South African Union of Jewish Students (SAUJS) who were calling for him to be removed as SRC president.

Dlamini explained that while he wasn't naive to the atrocities Hitler committed, he believed the dictator was a great leader who was able to rally people behind him.

Habib said the comments were racist and offensive.