Thembelihle: 50 arrested in anti-xenophobic raids

The raid forms part of a special focus by police and the army on areas that are xenophobic hot spots.

FILE. Police seized drugs and stolen goods during their overnight raids at the Jeppestown hostels on 21 April 2015. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Around 80 people, including 60 illegal immigrants, have now been arrested in an early morning raid in the Thembelihle Informal settlement near Lenasia as the police and army move in to arrest criminals and illegal immigrants.

The law enforcement agencies were out in full force and surrounded the settlement at around 4am before moving in.

The raid is part of the police's special focus on areas that are xenophobic hotspots, and authorities say they will arrest people inciting the violence.

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Police spokesman Kay Makhubela said, "The police and the army, as well as the JMPD and Home Affairs were in Thembelihle where we surrounded the squatter camp and we have already arrested a number of people in possession of drugs. We also arrested illegal immigrants."

One illegal firearm has also been recovered.

A wave of xenophobic unrest this month left seven people dead and thousands of foreigners displaced in parts of KwaZulu-Natal and Johannesburg.

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Meanwhile, the Thembelihle Crisis Committee has welcomed the raid but has warned that it could fuel xenophobic attacks.

Committee Chairperson, Bhayiza Miya, says, "We are not against anything about the raid. But if they're bringing the raids because of the xenophobic attacks, we might have a problem."