#NepalQuake: Efforts to rescue trapped SA couple begin

Gift of the Givers will today make arrangements for a helicopter to rescue Mike Sherman & Kate Ahrends.

South Africans Mike Sherman & Kate Ahrends trapped in Langtang, Nepal following a deadly earthquake. Picture: Supplied

NEPAL - The Gift of the Givers Foundation is trying to make arrangements today for a helicopter to rescue a South African couple trapped in Nepal following a deadly earthquake.

The 7.8 magnitude quake killed almost 5,000 people and scores have been left destitute.

Mike Sherman and his girlfriend Kate Ahrends are still stranded in Langtang Pass.

Gift of the Givers Doctor Qasim Bhorat said the evacuation process will be extremely difficult.

"We're in contact with a private chartered helicopter group, so we're trying to get authorisation to charter a helicopter to pick them up. But that's the only way we can access to these two South African citizens."

He said Sherman and Ahrends are not seriously injured.

Bhorat said as soon as the pair is rescued, they'll be brought back to the South African team which is staying in a school building in Kathmandu.

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Arriving in Kathmandu on Wednesday, the relief group had some setbacks, with most of the equipment now only arriving tomorrow.

The South African workers have meanwhile teamed up with French rescue teams who have adequate equipment to start with operations today.

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More aftershocks continue to hit the country four days after the quake.

Another aftershock measuring 4.4 hit the east of Kathmandu on Wednesday.

Residents have pleaded with the Gift of the Givers Foundation to help those believed to still be trapped under rubble.

Residents in one of the areas a few kilometres from Kathmandu stood on piled-up rubble, watching anxiously as the South African rescue team worked against time to find survivors.

Speaking through a translator, an 18-year-old boy said he was in a five-story building when it collapsed, but managed to escape.

"He was walking in the flat where he lived and doing his kitchen stuff when all of a sudden he heard and felt the first jolt. He felt that something bad was about to happen, so he ran out of the house screaming. He was able to survive."

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