Cold case: Laughton distances himself from any crimes

Carrington Laughton claims the owner of Cranks had him arrested twice & hired someone to kill him.

FILE. The Betty Ketani murder trial underway in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court. Picture: Christa van der Walt/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - A former private detective has claimed he is the victim of a 'reign of terror' by the owner of popular Rosebank restaurant Cranks, which includes his arrest for the murder of Betty Ketani.

Carrington Laughton spent a second day testifying in his defence on Wednesday, maintaining that he is being framed for the murder of the restaurant's head cook.

Ketani was kidnapped and killed more than 15 years ago and the state has now set out to prove that Laughton wrote a confession which was discovered by chance under a carpet and exposed the crime.

Laughton says he met Ketani's employer, Eric Neeteson-Lemkes after his company carried out a brief investigation at Cranks.

He's described the restaurant owner as a 'bitter and twisted man' who had him arrested twice, but says both times the cases were thrown out of court.

Laughton also claims Neeteson-Lemkes tried to hire someone to kill him and used a private investigator to try and extort money from him.

"If I paid Lemkes R1 million, then he would leave me alone. He would drop his campaign of terror against me and leave me alone. I've done nothing wrong."

Laughton has presented a very different timeline of key events, distancing himself from any crimes.