Metrotrain collision: One person confirmed dead

One train crashed into another just after 7am this morning.

Emergency services treat commuters at the Denver station south east of Johannesburg where two trains collided on 28 April 2015. Picture: ER24.

JOHANNESBURG - Paramedics say one person, believed to be a train driver, died in this morning's derailment at the Denver Station in south-eastern Johannesburg.

One train crashed into the rear end of another locomotive parked at the station. Metrorail says around 90 passengers are injured.

ER24's Russell Meiring describes the scene that emergency workers encountered when they arrived.

"ER24 paramedics as well as other services arrived on the scene and found the two wrecked trains over the entire train yard. On inspection, paramedics found a multitude of injured patients lying all around the scene. One woman had remained trapped inside the train between a wall and required advanced life support."

Emergency personnel attempt to free a trapped train driver at Denver station. Picture: @MedixGauteng

Metrorail's Lillian Mofokeng says it's still unclear which of the two trains caused the crash just after 7am this morning. "We don't know the levels of their injuries as yet but paramedics are taking the people to different hospitals around the area."

[LISTEN] Lillian Mofokeng confirms the incident on Talk Radio 702


A man calls in to say his wife is on one of the trains; an injured passenger speaks to John Robbie.