'Freedom Day is a reminder of how far we’ve come'

Zuma says SA owes its freedom to other African countries which played a huge role during apartheid.

FILE: President Jacob Zuma. Picture: GCIS.

PRETORIA - As the country commemorates Freedom Day, President Jacob Zuma has called on South Africans to reflect on the progress made in the past 21 years.

Celebrations are underway at the Union Buildings in Pretoria this afternoon with thousands of people gathered for the event.

Thousands of people from across the country have descended at the Union Buildings to celebrate Freedom Day.

#FreedomDay2015 Hundreds of people still waiting in queues outside Union Buildings. Thousands are already inside. TK pic.twitter.com/EPvVJT0AhU

The crowd cheered and sang 'My President' as Zuma arrived.

He has told them South Africa owes its freedom to other countries on the continent which played a huge role during apartheid.

#FreedomDay2015 Zuma: We shall never forget the support SA received from our African brothers during apartheid. TK

#FreedomDay2015 Zuma: Many foreign nationals have told me they leave their countries to South Africa because SA is the safest country. TK

#FreedomDay2015 Zuma:The apartheid legacy has made us all (South Africans) sick. We need a psychological cure to drop the anger. TK

FreedomDay2015 Crowd sings after Zuma wraps up his address. TK pic.twitter.com/Yygthd7Lfi

Gauteng Premier David Makhura and Arts Minister Nathi Mthethwa have shared Zuma's sentiments calling on South African's to unite against xenophobia.

#FreedomDay2015 Mthethwa: We are all African before we are South African. TK

#FreedomDay2015 Mthethwa: We must use the same might we fought against apartheid to fight xenophobia, racism and sexism in the country. TK

#FreedomDay2015 Makhura On this day 21 years ago millions of people voted in the first democratic elections. TK