Saartjie Baartman grave plaque defaced

Police say white paint was poured over the plaque at the weekend.

FILE: Sarah "Saartjie" Baartman stands in Hankey, Eastern Cape. Picture: Wikimedia Commons.

JOHANNESBURG - Eastern Cape police are investigating a case of malicious damage to property after the grave plaque of Saartjie Baartman was vandalised in Hankey.

White paint was poured over the plaque at the weekend.

It's the latest public sculpture in the country to be vandalised.

The police's Gerda Swart says they are investigating two charges.

"It's a little paint at the plaque. Currently we are investigating a case of malicious damage to property, and a second charge of contravention under this National Heritage Act."


The grandson of Queen Victoria ended up white faced when students used paint to prove their point.

The students also plastered pages on the statue portraying messages screaming for an end to "white privilege".

George's vandalism is thought to be a direct result of the activism that took place on UCT.

No arrests have yet been made.


Members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) joined in by splashing bright green paint on the statue of Paul Kruger.

Afrikaans entertainers Sunette Bridges and Steve Hofmeyr then staged their own protest for the protection of the Kruger statue.


The EFF further defaced the Anglo-Boer memorial statue and the horse memorial statue.

The bronze statue of a kneeling soldier holding a bucket up for his horse to drink from was removed.

The bronze soldier was pulled off the base and discarded on the ground while the horse was allowed to remain standing.


Louis Botha's statue was sprayed with red and blue.

Authorities have since arrested two men, aged 28 and 31, who were charged with malicious damage to property.


The statue of the queen was smeared with green paint and the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is currently conducting an investigation into the matter.


A statue of former republic president Martinus Wessels Pretorius was also vandalised in front of the Tshwane City Hall.

The statue was painted with dark red paint. Police have made no arrests and no-one has yet come forward claiming responsibility for the vandalism.


The statue of reverend and author Andrew Murray, which stands on the grounds of the Wellington Dutch Reformed Church, was smeared with red paint.

No arrests have yet been made and the incident is under investigation.


Indian leader and philosopher Mahatma Gandhi's statue was also defaced in Johannesburg.

The statue and a commemorative plaque were smeared with white paint.

Police have arrested one person in connection with the vandalism and he will appear before the Johannesburg Magistrates Court on Tuesday.