Geoscience Council confirms 2.4 tremor

The Council for Geoscience confirmed there was a tremor reading 2.4 on the local Richter Scale this morning.

FILE: Earthquake aftermath in Kroonstad. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - The Council for Geoscience has confirmed that there was a tremor reading 2.4 on the local Richter Scale this morning felt in some parts of the Soweto.

According to the council, the epicentre of the tremor was 2.6 kilometres south of Soweto 2.4 and occurred around 8:30 this morning.

Eyewitnesses have felt the tremor in in Kagiso and as far as Melville.

Eyewitness News was earlier inundated with calls from residents with some describing shaky grounds and trembling windows.

It is not clear what caused the tremor which was felt in areas including Melville, Kagiso and parts of Soweto.

Some people described feeling the earth shake for a few seconds shortly after 8:30am.

"I felt a tremor right now, a vibrating feeling, in the Jabulani area in Soweto," one man said.

"I saw my wall unit shaking," another person described.

Last year, The United States Geological Survey (USGS) confirmed it recorded a tremor in parts of South Africa, recording it at magnitude 4.6 with the epicentre being west of Orange Farm.

In a separate tremor, one person was killed and 17 others injured when a 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit the country, affecting mostly the North West province.

The quake, one of South Africa's largest magnitude earthquakes in the past decade was felt as far as Mozambique and Botswana.

The tremor was centred in Orkney, 120 kilometres southwest of Johannesburg, an area with a high concentration of deep gold mines.

Since then, USGS has warned of aftershocks.