Life is like the 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

The new 'Avengers' movie, which opens in South Africa tonight easily sums up life in just two hours.

The cast of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'. Picture: Avengers Facebook page.

[REVIEW] You and I are the Avengers in this life, that's how Age of Ultron will make you feel.

Marvel's action movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, premiered in South Africa Wednesday night, a week ahead of the US, and opens for the rest of the country tonight.

The movie follows a classic superhero construct: We try something new to make life better, or the lives of those around us and anyone it may impact, and we succeed, only to find that we have created a monster and fixing it may just take all our might.

Tony Stark is the 'We' [also otherwise known as Iron Man], who decides to experiment and bring peace to the world. He goes through many trials of bringing Ultron to life and just when he thinks he has lost all: Ultron is finally alive, but he's neither a happy chappie nor a peaceful saint.

Once Ultron is created he defaults and goes on a mission to destroy the human species. But what gives the movie it's oomph is when the Avengers realise that they need each other if they are ever to defeat the darkness that is about to engulf the world.

The moral of our beloved Marvel comic The Avengers is when we've created a real life mess or a monster… we need to reflect and look around to see who we have and who has our backs.

And when someone asks how we are going to do it, the answer simply is: TOGETHER! No surprises there, but it's what we've come to know and love about Marvel magic.

But of course, while we fight to restore peace, we will get our butts kicked and we will fight amongst ourselves.

When Iron Man has to mop the streets with Hulks's muscles, we realise the most important step is the one we take after the internal fight.

Or when we unleash the demons within us and need someone who will extend a hand and say 'Hey big guy, the sun is getting real low', and with that bring us back to our sane and controllable selves.

Because we pick each other up and we get our focus in check and move forward to defeat Ultron.

We must always be weary though, of what Ultron can do. He's not just a monster, villain or bad guy; he's also very good at finding ways we could have never imagined to accomplished his mission.

Like when he clones himself and we are faced with thousands and thousands of Ultrons that is the one moment that defines, that differentiates the Avengers from other superheroes.

When we stand together and surround humanity so these Ultrons can't press the 'extinct' button.

And when our fastest man dies, his death drives our fighting spirit and forces us to give it our all. We may cry and scream but as long as we take out our anger and pain out on the enemy… it will all be worth it.