Chaos as taxi commuters redirected in Cape Town

The City of Cape Town's upgrade of the Station Deck is underway.

Commuters are frustrated due to the long wait in the sun and the unexpected change to their routine. Picture: Monique Mortlock/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Traffic officials in Cape Town had their hands full on the Grand Parade on Friday as they tried to navigate confused taxi commuters to a temporary taxi rank.

The City of Cape Town's upgrade of the Station Deck is underway.

Taxi's which usually stop there were being diverted to Darling Street.

When Eyewitness News arrived at the Grand Parade traffic officials were trying to diffuse tension between two taxi drivers who were in a scuffle over space.

Some commuters had been waiting for a taxi for nearly an hour, while others opted to find alternative transport.

Anushka Padayachee was one of them.

"It's chaos, everything here is chaos."

Traffic officials said they didn't expect the chaos to continue once commuters and taxi drivers became familiar with the temporary setup.

Some taxi drivers were optimistic about the upgrades as they said the taxi rank on the station deck was in dire need of repairs.

Shane September, who operates on the Hanover Park route, was happy about the upgrades.

"It's alright because the deck is filthy; there are lots of rats at night."

Traffic officials are on the scene to maintain order.

The taxi deck is expected to be upgraded and back in operation on Wednesday.