#LeadSAVigil: Makhura slams xenophobic people

The Premier says there’s no place for xenophobic people in South Africa.

2,067 candles were ready to be lit for the xenophobia vigil at Constitution Hill on Tuesday evening. Picture: Emily Corke/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng Premier David Makhura said there's no place for xenophobic people in South Africa, and their actions are shameful.

I commend LeadSA for organising a well attended night vigil against xenophobia. Now all roads lead to the People's March on Thursday!

People of all ages gathered in the court yard of Constitution Hill, singing for the end of xenophobia in a vigil last night.

Among the hundreds in attendance was Johannesburg Mayor Parks Tau and expelled Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) Secretary-General Zwelinzima Vavi.

Makhura says there should be a collective movement so show that South Africans are against xenophobia.

He says national and provincial government is completely behind efforts and marches against xenophobia, and he's committed to driving out xenophobia for good, even after violence has stopped.

"We will continue to support you as government. This is no time for divisions; this is time for community in action."

At the same time, struggle hero Advocate George Bizos says the attacks on foreigners flies directly in the face of the Constitution that struggle heroes fought for.

He says the attacks have a personal impact on him.

"It's contravening to the provisions of the Constitution, it's unhuman."

Meanwhile, members people from around the continent who gathered in the court yard of Constitution Hill sent out a clear message that South Africans are united are against xenophobia.

Carrying placards with messages condemning the violence, they gave a simple message, 'bring the criminals to book'.

Thank You! Unbelievable support of last night's #LeadSAVigil @VisitConHill #StandingTogetherUNITED

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Cape Town Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba says he's angered by the xenophobic unrest.

Makgoba was speaking at a vigil against xenophobia at the St George's Cathedral in Cape Town yesterday.

He's pleaded for tolerance.

"I am still devastated. I was angry that this is happening in our country. I am sad that it goes to an extent of brutally murdering others. But as a person of hope, I am hopeful that this will and should be overcome."