Judgment expected in George Louca's unique case

This is a unique application and Judge Gerladine Borchers has no precedent to guide her.

Lolly Jackson murder accused George Louca, who has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, arrives at the Palm Ride Magistrates Court on Tuesday 21 April 2015. picture: Mandy Wiener/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Cypriot national George Louca made an emotional plea to Judge Geraldine Borchers on Tuesday, asking that if he is to die, he do so with his family.

Borchers will hand down judgment today in an application for Louca to be allowed to return to Cyprus as he's suffering from stage four lung cancer.

Louca was extradited to South Africa to stand trial for the 2010 murder of strip club boss Lolly Jackson, but he says Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir was responsible.

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Krejcir has denied this.

Gasping for air and fighting back tears, a frail Louca pleaded with Borchers to allow him to go home.

"What I am asking you, allow me to be next to my family. If it happens I must pass away, I want to be next to my family, please."

But the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is worried Louca is a flight risk and won't return to stand trial.

Louca has however given an undertaking that he will return to the country to stand trial, so that he can fight Krejcir.

This is a unique application and the judge has no precedent to guide her.

She'll hand down her decision at 10am today.