Media barred from publishing info that could identify Nurse

The Centre for Child Law says the court order is aimed at protecting the child known as 'Zephany Nurse'.

The woman accused of abducting Zephany Nurse is being covered by her supporters immediately and bundled her in a car after her court appearance on 6 March 2015 in Cape Town. Picture:Monique Mortlock/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The High Court in Pretoria has ordered that the media may not publish any details that may identify the teenager known as Zephany Nurse.

The Centre for Child Law obtained an interdict which prohibits the media from publishing any information or images that identify the girl both before and after she turns 18.

Zephany, who celebrates her 18th birthday next week, was snatched from Groote Schuur Hospital when she was three days old.

The Centre for Child Law's Ann Skelton says the court order is aimed at protecting the child known as Zephany.

"The order says no person may publish any information that identifies her real name, where she lives or her photographs."

She says a second part of the application will be argued at a later date, which seeks to amend the legislation.

Skelton says the centre will argue that the identity of a minor who is a victim or perpetrator of crime should be protected even after they turn 18-years-old.

Meanwhile, the Centre for Child Law wants to see legislation changed that will also have the identities of other minors in criminal proceedings protected even after they turn 18-years-old.

Skelton believes that efforts to create a protective environment and rehabilitate children who have perpetrated crimes is undermined when they are identified.

This part of the application which will be heard at a later date is being opposed by several media houses.

The woman who allegedly kidnapped and raised her was released on R5,000 bail.

She will be appearing in the Cape Town Magistrates Court again at the end of May.