Louca finally reveals details about Jackson’s murder

George Louca testified that Radovan Krejcir shot and killed Jackson in 2010 during a dispute over money.

Lolly Jackson murder accused George Louca, who has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, arrives at the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court on Tuesday 21 April 2015. picture: Mandy Wiener/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Nearly five years after he was killed, a court of law has finally heard testimony about how strip club boss Lolly Jackson was murdered.

Cypriot George Louca has told the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court, for the first time, the details of the night Jackson was killed.

He took the stand today to testify in an application to have him sent home to Cyprus because he is suffering from stage four lung cancer.

LISTEN: The night Lolly Jackson was killed - George Louca speaks out

Louca is accused of killing Jackson in 2010, but claims it was his former associate Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir who pulled the trigger.

Louca arrived in court in a wheelchair and breathed through an oxygen mask, which was placed at his feet.

A frail Louca gave dramatic testimony about the night Jackson was killed, testifying through an interpreter because his voice was so raspy.

He's testified that Krejcir shot and killed Jackson during a dispute over money.

#Louca: At first it was just me and Lolly. Few minutes later, Radovan came alone.

#Louca: When I opened the door, Radovan came inside the house. Lolly took from his pocket a Swift money transfer.

#Louca: Lolly, he was swearing very bad. They start pushing each other, Radovan and Lolly, they were touching and pushing.

"…And Lolly, he called Radovan: you don't know motherf#&er who I am. At that time Radovan pulled the gun and he shot him."

Louca says Krejcir kicked Jackson in the ribs before shooting him several more times.

#Louca: Lolly was alive, me, I came out of the bar and said to Radovan, 'What have you done?'. He said to me relax, don't panic.

#Louca: Lolly he raise his hands and he was asking for help. I went to Lolly and Radovan pushed me back.

#Louca: Radovan said to Lolly, 'Now you know who I am'. Then he carry on shooting, I think in the chest, I don't know.

Krejcir is also facing a number of charges in the same court sitting in Palm Ridge, including murder and kidnapping.

[VIDEO] George #Louca arriving at court : pic.twitter.com/YVGmCgFmJw

While testifying, Louca revealed details of how Jackson died and why he fled the crime scene.

He told the court he fled because no one knew the truth about what happened, but him, and didn't want to be an accomplice to the murder.

#Louca: The reason I fled the country, because Radovan offer me to get rid of the body, and I didn't want to be part of the murder.

#Louca: If I came back to South Africa and testify, he would kill me. He phoned me and he sent people in Cyprus to meet me.

The Correctional Services Department submitted an application to the High Court yesterday, stating that Louca's health has deteriorated after being diagnosed with stage four lung cancer.

Lolly Jackson murder accused George Louca, who has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, arrives at the Palm Ride Magistrates Court on Tuesday 21 April 2015. picture: Mandy Wiener/EWN.

Yesterday, Louca's lawyer Owen Blumberg told Eyewitness News his client fits the criteria for an accused to be sent back to his community due to ill health.

He said arrangements have already been made to transport Louca to Cyprus if the application is granted.

A doctor's report formed part of the evidence in the application.

Ealrier this month, the hospital at the Kgosi Mampuru II Prison (formerly known as the Pretoria Central Prison) recommended that Louca qualified to be released from jail due to the severity of his illness.

A doctor who examined Louca at the prison wrote a report stating that the murder accused was terminally ill, couldn't look after himself and the prison's health facilities would no longer be able to care for his needs.