Hundreds gather for #LeadSAVigil

The #NoToXenophobia #LeadSAVigil is underway at Constitutional Hill in JHB.

2067 candles were ready to be lit for the vigil on Tuesday evening. Picture: Emily Corke/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Hundreds of people of all ages have gathered in the court yard of Constitution Hill calling for the end of xenophobia.

The Lead SA silent vigil is underway and the large crowd is carrying placards with messages condemning the violence.

Children as young as nine have come out to express their outrage over the ongoing xenophobic attacks.

Singing the words "no to xenophobia, we are all African" a group of people marched into Constitution Hill holding posters.

Talk Radio 702's John Robbie says he's thinking of all foreign nationals in South Africa.

"How different it must be for people trying to make a living then being prejudices against for being different is crazy."

A total of 2067 candles are flickering in the wind while wax drips over signs that read the simple message "no to xenophobia".