Xenophobic attacks: Another night of looting & rubber bullets

Two arrests were made as locals in Jeppestown, Malvern & the Johannesburg CBD battled with police last night.

A police officer walks pass a burning car in Jeppestown during xenophobic violence on 16 April 2015. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - It's been another consecutive night of rubber bullets, looting and violence in Jeppestown, Malvern and the Johannesburg CBD, forcing the closure of the M2 Highway.

Locals protested into the early hours of this morning, demanding foreigners leave the area.

They tried to barricade the N2-West Highway with rocks and rubble, but police retaliated with rubber bullets.

The N2 Highway became a no-go zone for motorists as police continued to shoot rubber bullets at a crowd of people throwing stones and objects at the police.

At least two arrests were made as police handcuffed the men, forcing them to lie down on the tarmac.

Police took cover behind their barriers as locals, armed with spears, scattered in different directions in a nearby field.

Officers on the ground say houses have also been looted in Malvern.

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International Relations Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane has assured her African counterparts the South African government will put an end to xenophobia for good.

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) has met with the security cluster and African heads of diplomatic missions in South Africa, to discuss collective efforts in addressing the recent spate of attacks on foreigners.

Nkoana-Mashabane has conveyed government's heartfelt apologies to the African continent for the shameful behaviour of citizens.

"African countries represented here in South Africa were present in that meeting and all of them spoke in unison that while they're hurting, they have a resolve to make sure that we continue working together."

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Meanwhile, acting High Commissioner for Nigeria in South Africa, Martin Cobham says the embassy has warned their countrymen to stay away from xenophobic hotspots.

"We have advised our nationals to stay away from areas of trouble, abide by the laws and work with local authorities to keep the peace."

He has appealed for people on social media not to share threatening messages unless they emanate from official security clusters.

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