Xenophobia: Jeppestown residents vow to continue attacks on foreigners

Some locals say they fully support the attacks on foreign nationals and will not stop until they're gone.

Police try to restore order in the Johannesburg CBD during a flare-up of xenophobic violence on 17 April 2015. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Jeppestown community members in central Johannesburg say since the government has failed to address their grievances, they will take matters into their own hands.

Some locals say they fully support the attacks on foreign nationals and will not stop until they're all chased out of the area.

Overnight there was heavy violence with several business looted and vehicles torched.

There is less police visibility in the area and places where emergency services are still battling a blaze, started overnight, have been cordoned off.

#Xenophobia these are the cars which were set alight this early morning, it used to be a Toyota Hilux. MS pic.twitter.com/jYxdgfP3bG

Meanwhile hostel dwellers have gathered on the street and insist that they want all foreigners out of the area.

They say foreigners have taken all the jobs and accommodation, forcing them to live in shacks.

They have vowed to continue with their action.


A few shops have opened for business after running battles between locals and foreign nationals who were forced to take refuge at the Cleveland Police Station.

So far 12 people have been arrested during recent xenophobic violence.

#xenophobicattacks #Jeppestown A suspect caught by the Police during shootout. pic.twitter.com/kWwjqyoeRi

It's very quiet, apart from occasional loud cheers from some hostel dwellers that are hard at work stripping the cars that were burnt.

Less than five shops are currently open for business with entrances only partially open.

#Jeppestown police helping a local bottle store owner move his pool table back into his looted store. pic.twitter.com/Y50EcztbFY

A spaza shop owner says that despite the fact that he is South African, he is afraid as the attackers have proven to be unpredictable.

#Xenophobia firefighters are on the street extinguishing blazes in Jeppestown AK pic.twitter.com/5RTnRdk0rg


Overnight, police had their hands full and resorted to using live ammunition, teargas and rubber bullets in the Johannesburg CBD.

Officers tried to prevent angry mobs from looting foreign-owned businesses.

Locals in Jeppestown and Cleveland blocked roads with rocks and burning tyres ordering foreigners to leave the country.

Tempers flared with police resorting to deadly force to disperse angry groups of people.

A number of shops in the CBD were looted and vandalised which forced some foreign business owners to return to their shops to protect them.

Police also raided several local homes including hostels searching for stolen goods and deadly weapons.

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