Xenophobic attacks: Border posts volatile, Sasol evacuates employees

The company fears for their safety due to possible retaliatory attacks after SA xenophobic violence.

FILE: The Lebombo border between South Africa and Mozambique in Malelane, Nelspruit, South Africa. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Sasol is evacuating 340 South African employees at its Mozambique operation out of fear for their safety due to possible retaliatory attacks following the current xenophobic violence in South Africa.

The Mozambique-South African border has also been affected.

The Corridor Gazette is reporting that the Lebombo border with Mozambique has been temporarily closed with gunshots being heard in the area.

It says trucks have also been attacked in Mozambique.

Meanwhile, in Zimbabwe, the Southern Eye is reporting that public transport operators in Bulawayo are complaining that their businesses have been affected as fewer locals are now travelling to this country.

They say locals are afraid to enter South Africa.

At the same time, Zimbabwe is set to evacuate 1,000 of its citizens from Durban on Sunday in the wake of the xenophobic attacks.

Embassy officials from Harare are currently processing repatriation documents for the Zimbabweans.

The Zimbabweans will be taken to Beitbridge by South Africa's Department of Home Affairs and then handed over to officials from this country's civil protection unit.

Zimbabwe's Ambassador to South Africa Isaac Moyo told the state-run _Chronicle _that they've already processed repatriation documents for more than 1,000 Zimbabweans in Durban.

He says they've also visited deserted homes which have been ransacked and burnt in xenophobic violence that's gripped the city since last wee.

Two Zimbabweans, a woman and a child, are thought to have died in the violence.

Meanwhile in Malawi, Kenya and a number of other countries, calls have been made to boycott South African goods in response to the attacks.