UCT wants Rhodes statue permanently removed from campus

The sculpture is currently being stored at an undisclosed location after it was taken down.

Cecil John Rhodes statue was removed at the University of Cape Town on 9 April 2015. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Management at the University of Cape Town (UCT) has applied for a permit to have the statue of Cecil John Rhodes permanently removed from its campus.

The monument is currently being stored at an undisclosed location after it was taken down earlier this month following weeks of protests.

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The application has been submitted to Heritage Western Cape.

It's ultimately up to that organisation to decide on the fate of the statue that ignited a heated debate on transformation.

UCT has appointed what's called an independent heritage practitioner to help with its application.

The practitioner will have to assess the history, context and significance of the statue.

As part of the process, a public dialogue will also be held.

Meanwhile, management at Stellenbosch University insists it's on the right course towards transformation.

Some Maties students are now calling for the removal of a plaque in one of the academic buildings commemorating ex-prime minister Hendrik Verwoerd.

A group of students says the institution has been dragging its feet when it comes to transformation, citing the example of a plaque at one of the university's buildings which commemorates Verwoerd, a grand architect of apartheid.

Students say change is long overdue.

But the university's vice-chancellor Wim de Villiers says transformation is already underway adding that one-third of all students are non-white.

De Villiers says Maties has been taking the matter seriously long before the Rhodes Must Fall campaign.

"The university was firmly set on the path to transformation over the past few years, such as renaming certain buildings that preceded this significantly."