Load shedding spills over to Thursday

Stage one load shedding has been implemented from 6am to 10pm today.

Eskom's Koeberg Power Station. Picture: Eskom.

CAPE TOWN - Load shedding will resume on Thursday making it the fifth consecutive day of rolling blackouts.

#Eskom regrets to announce that Stage 1 #load_shedding will resume from 06:00 to 22:00 today.

Eskom had to escalate load shedding to stage 3 this week after generators failed come back into operation and unplanned maintenance had to be done.

Energy expert Chris Yelland says the entire country is suffering from a backlog in maintenance.

"If we are going to get rid of this backlog and get things back on track we actually going to have to face even more pain in the short-term."

Earlier this week, Eskom announced it was 14,500 megawatts short about half the amount of power that the country needed.


Stage three load shedding indicates that the power system is more vulnerable than ever before and that Eskom needs to shed a total of 4,000 megawatts from the national grid.

A stage three emergency will entail all customers with the exception of certain critical resources, including hospitals.

The utility has developed a hierarchy of emergency conditions each requiring a specific load reduction stipulated below.

Depending on the severity of the supply constraint, Eskom would declare a stage one, two or three emergency to prevent a national blackout.

Stage one - National shortage of 1000 MW

Stage two - National shortage of 2000 MW

Stage three - National shortage of 4000 MW

Stage one emergency will affect largely residential and commercial loads, whilst stage two would include industrial loads.

The parasatal on Tuesday warned that load shedding was here to stay, until such time that new power stations were online to deal with electricity demand.

To see the load shedding schedule, click here.