Top SA athlete slapped with two-year ban

SA's 100m champion Simon Magakwe was banned after he evaded a doping test.

FILE: South African 100m sprinter Simon Magakwe. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's 100m record holder Simon Magakwe has been handed a two-year ban for evading doping officials.

The sprinter failed to take part in an International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)-controlled out-of-competition doping test in December, and as a result was found guilty of an anti-doping rule violation at a disciplinary hearing conducted on 19 February.

He was subsequently handed a two-year suspension, but was given room to appeal.

However, as Athletics South Africa (ASA) President Aleck Skhosana explained, Magakwe failed to meet the deadline for the appeals submission.

"He had to appeal and according to the IAAF, the appeal has now expired. The IAAF is not aware of any appeal being filed with the Court of Arbitration for Sport."


Skhosana stressed that Magakwe did not fail a doping test, but rather failed to undergo one.

"It's not the doping results, let us not mix it. They came to do the testing on him and he didn't submit. He was not tested and failed, but he was asked to submit and he didn't submit."

Skhosana says that as far as ASA is concerned the verdict is final.

"There's nothing that can be done, the matter has gone as far as IAAF, our mother body. The verdict is final. He's going to continue with his life up until he serves his time and come back if he wants to come back."