Mobile offices to assess land claims process

Mobile offices will soon be deployed to rural communities to allow more people to lodge land claims.

FILE: Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Gugile Nkwinti on Tuesday said 'mobile officials' would soon be deployed to rural communities across the country to allow more people to lodge land claims before the June 2019 deadline.

The previous deadline was the end of 1998 and people are now being given a second chance to claim the land taken from them as a result of the 1913 Native Land Act.

Four buses and two trucks to be used as mobile offices were unveiled by the minister on Tuesday.

They will head to far-flung communities over the next four years.

Nkwinti said more than 54,000 land claims have been lodged since the reopening of the restitution process in July last year.

"It's taking the service to the people rather than inviting people to [come to] the officers. Taking the service to our people is going to be a wonderful opportunity."