International gang experts to curb scourge in CT

Gang experts from the US and UK will be assiting SA law enforcement to quell the scourge.

FILE: Task teams carried out blitz operations in crime hotspots in the Cape Peninsula on 14 April 2015. Picture: Natalie Malgas/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - City bosses have recruited international gang experts to bolster their efforts in combating the scourge.

Law enforcement operations were held in a number of gang-ridden suburbs yesterday.

During a search of a suspected drug den in Lavender Hill, officials seized equipment used to produce narcotics and also made five arrests.

The municipality's JP Smith hopes enlisting crime specialists will increase drug and gang related arrests.

"We're getting two really excellent gang busters coming, one from the UK and one from the US Gang and Drug Task Force will be meeting with them extensively. We're increasingly bringing in international expertise to help us with strategies and systems for gangs bursting. I'm quite excited that we've got two veterans coming."

City law enforcement officers on Tuesday said they had identified crime hotspots in the Cape Peninsula following a spike in violent crime.

A small crowd gathered along Hilary Drive while metro police conducted a search on the block.

Some residents said they felt their community was being held hostage by criminal elements.

Intelligence teams had been surveilling hotspots in the South Peninsula for several weeks in a bid to clamp down on drug and gang activity.