Arrests in KZN xenophobic attacks

A 14-year-old boy is among the five people killed in the latest spate of attacks.

Demonstrators take part in an anti-xenophobic march outside the City Hall of Durban on 8 April, 2015. Hundreds of people marched today to protest against anti-immigrant violence, a week after hundreds were attacked near the eastern city of Durban. Picture: AFP.

DURBAN - Police in KwaZulu-Natal have made more arrests in connection with xenophobic attacks and officers are also patrolling the streets of the Johannesburg CBD following violent clashes there.

Officers are monitoring hotspots where there have been several attacks on foreigners.

At least 74 people have been taken into custody in connection with the deadly violence which has already claimed five lives in the past two weeks.

A 14-year-old boy is among the five people killed in the latest spate of attacks and the two men arrested in connection with the shooting are due to appear in court later today.

There are also reports of looting and clashes in Pietermaritzburg this afternoon, but these are yet to be confirmed by police.

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The brother of the 14-year-old boy shot dead during the xenophobic flare up in KZN has told Eyewitness News he tried to stop his twin from going out to see the looting.

Thabo Mzobe is the youngest of five people killed.

Today, police have revealed the 74 people were arrested for various crimes ranging from murder to being in possession of dangerous weapons.

Mzobe and his twin brother Thabani shared a small room next to their grandmother's shack on the steep hills of Lindelani in KwaMashu.

Thabani says he's heartbroken and can't bring himself to sleep in that room any more, already missing the playful fights he and his brother used to have.

The family is adamant that Thabo was not part of the looting mob but was a curious boy who loved school and dreamt of being a famous sportsman.

"On the day he died he heard a loud noise and woke up to go see the crowds. He said 'don't worry I'll be back' and as the security made a noise security started shooting and that's when he got shot."

Two security guards were arrested for the shooting but their company claims they came under attack from those breaking into a shop.

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At least one person has been injured in a violent skirmish in the Johannesburg CBD.

Two foreigners were attacked by locals but it's not yet clear if the incident was linked to the xenophobic attacks in KZN.

It's thought the attack might have been sparked by a car crash.

Foreign nationals are guarding their belongings saying they feel police are failing to protect them.

#Jeppestown Tense scene of angry hostel residents ready to stone cars passing by.

Somali, Ethiopian and Malawian nationals are among those who say they have been working in South Africa for more than 10 years, but for the first time they now fear for their lives.

A man says he just wants to go back home.

"We are not scared to die, we are waiting and we will fight them."

Shops remain closed after a large group of people chased foreigners with bricks and sticks.

At the same time, Proudly South African has joined voices that condemn the violence.

"We can't stand idly by and remain silent when innocent people - fellow Africans - are being viciously attacked and targeted by unscrupulous and immoral thugs. The world is watching and an impression is being created that South Africans in general are intolerant, xenophobic and violent people. We know this is not true," said Proudly SA's CEO, Leslie Sedibe.

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