Lee-Ann Liebenberg robbed outside her home in JHB

She said robbers surrounded and pounced on her family then made off with money and other valuables.

Model Lee-Ann Liebenberg. Picture: Twitter @LeeAnn_L.

JOHANNESBURG - South African model Lee-Ann Liebenberg on Tuesday said she was thankful and fortunate her and family were safe after being robbed at gunpoint in the driveway of her home in Johannesburg.

She announced the news on Twitter:

We were just followed home from Hyde Park shopping centre and help up in our driveway by 3 armed men MERC Benz BM 49PW

Family lunch celebrating my baby's birthday could've ended so badly today. All glory to GOD. We're all ok. Shaken and stirred but GRATEFUL

Liebenberg said she had just been celebrating her daughter's first birthday with her husband when robbers surrounded them and made off with money, jewellery and other valuables.

She said she suspected the gunmen had followed her and her family from Hyde Park Shopping Centre.

After our disgusting distressful horrible ordeal of being held up today at gun point AND MORE IMPORTANTLY GUNS POINTED our beautiful innocent children today...WE'RE CELEBRATING THAT WERE ALIVE! CELEBRATING WITH LOAD SHEDDING...WFT what more?!? I'm trying SO hard to be patriotic BUT...... 🙏🏼 Thank you GOD for sparing us #WeSurvivedAnotherDayInAfrica

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