Sudan sees peaceful first day of elections

President Omar al-Bashir cast his vote at the St. Francis School in Khartoum.

President Omar al-Bashir arrives to cast his vote in the Sudanese elections on 13 April 2015. Picture: Jean-Jacques Cornish.

KHARTOUM - Voting has been peaceful on day one of Sudan's three-day elections.

The country's former deputy president on Monday said those parties boycotting the polls had an opportunity to climb aboard the diplomatic train at the national dialogue that would follow it.

The country's former Deputy President Yusuf al-Haj Adam cast his vote at the St. Francis School in Khartoum today, shortly before President Omar al-Bashir was fast-tracked through the process at the same venue.

Adam had plenty of time to talk to reporters as he stood in the queue.

He said the election was by no means the end of the democratic process.

"We are going to commit ourselves to the outcome of the dialogue, even if it is going to result in some change of the results of these elections."

Adam said this would extend to new elections if the national dialogue agreed that it was necessary.