Cops called in to curb Khayelitsha protesters

Public order police blocked the entrance to the Khayelitsha Stadium, barring protesters from entering.

Protesters have been refused entry to the Khayelitsha Stadium for a ministerial imbizo. Picture: Siyabonga Sesant/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Public order police were called to the Khayelitsha Stadium on Monday, where a group of people were demanding to be addressed by Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu.

Sotyu was at the stadium for a ministerial i mbizo to address crime in the township.

But the protesters, who are reportedly the same people recently evicted off private property in the area, appear to accuse officers of abusing their powers.

Public order police blocked the entrance to Khayelitsha Stadium, barring a group of protesters from entering.

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The demonstrators, carrying placards which read 'Stop shooting us, we are not birds' and 'return our land', demanded to be addressed by Sotyu.

The protesters were last week forcibly evicted off Denel-owned property and claim police used unnecessary force.

Sotyu indicated she would respond to the group's grievances at a later stage.

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