CT roads cleared after taxi driver protest

Earlier the Westlake Taxi Association blocked roads and burned tyres in protest against other operators.

Taxi drivers protested over taxi routes on 13 April 2015 in Westlake. Picture: Donovan Le Cok/iWitness

CAPE TOWN - Roads blocked by members of the Westlake Taxi Association on Monday morning have now been cleared.

Earlier members blocked roads and burned tyres in protest against illegal operators.

The association claimed it's been struggling to register and certify drivers and minibus taxis with the City of Cape Town since 2010.

Drivers also demonstrated against Khayelitsha taxis they claimed were operating illegally in Westlake.

The smell of charred rubber still lingered along Steenberg Road and Westlake Drive.

School children were among the commuters stranded because of the protest.

A small group of women are singing as they wait for more taxis to arrive in Westlake amidst a taxi strike on 13 April 2015. Picture: Natalie Malgas/EWN

Protesting taxi drivers blocked off Boyes Drive, Steenberg Road and parts of Tokai Main Road during the Monday morning peak hour traffic to prevent operators from Khayelitsha and Vrygrond from accessing areas they say they're not entitled to work in.

Earlier, a motorist who was driving in the vicinity of Boyes Drive said, "It is quite frightening, I don't know what's happening. The drivers are not sitting in their taxis. They have their emergency lights on and they're just standing about."

Another motorist also recounted his experience being stuck in a traffic snarl up.

"Traffic stood still to such a point that protestors started burning tyres. It wasn't that much later that police and reinforcements came in. It's a huge inconvenience. I am still in traffic and I am switching my engine off because it's just a waste to keep it running."

Early morning taxi protests in Steenberg, Cape Town caused major delays on 13 April 2015. Picture: WC Traffic Fines & Cameras