Gandhi statue vandalised

The statue and a commemorative plaque were smeared with white paint this afternoon.

Part of the defaced Gandhi statue in the Johannesburg CBD. Picture: Dineo Bendile/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Police have confirmed a statue of Indian leader and philosopher Mahatma Gandhi in the Johannesburg CBD has become the latest monument to be defaced this weekend.

The statue and a commemorative plaque were smeared with white paint this afternoon.

So they have vandalised Mahatma Ghandi's statue . I just don't understand anymore

#GandhiStatue Officials say 1 person has been arrested after he was found in possession of painted signs which read: "Gandhi must fall". DB

The police's Kay Makhubela says one person has been arrested in connection with the defacing of the Gandhi statue.

"The Gandhi statue in Gandhi square was painted with white paint. We have arrested a 21-year-old man who will appear before Johannesburg Magistrates Court tomorrow."

" @charmskill: " @ekmokwena92: @Radio702 Now Mahatma ghandi Statue Painted white..Jhb CBD, Ghandi Squire""

The incident has set Twitter feeds abuzz with commentary.

Ghandi statue vandalised: It is abominable to see 'ignorant' ppl vandalising our cultural heritage (cont)

Ghandi was a pathetic racist RT @quintindavis: So a Ghandi statue was vandalized. @EconFreedomZA members need to read a book sometime

" @ewnupdates: Ghandi statue vandalised" » I mean really now... Go to class and learn. SMH.

"Ghandi statue vandalised" _I knew this would happen @ some stage, who de hell decided 2 make all statues be of de same colour anyway?

Didn't know Ghandi was also a colonialist duhhh

Ghandi statue vandalised via @ewnupdates

For the sake of transformation in the 90s, Van Der Bjil square was renamed #Ghandi Square, now his statue has been defaced. Vicious circle.

Ghandi's statue is in danger. RT @Lyso: Y'all (still) think Gandhi was a saint? LOL . . how about noooooo

Damn am hurt, ghandi was a global leader,hw can they even think of vandalising his statue! @ewnreporter

At the same time, a day after a statue of reverend and author Andrew Murray was vandalised in Wellington in the Western Cape, some residents say they are still angry about the incident.

The statue, which stands on the grounds of the Wellington Dutch Reformed Church, was smeared with red paint on Friday night.

It's one of two incidents where colonial and apartheid statues were vandalised this weekend.

A statue of former republic president Martinus Wessels Pretorius was also vandalised in Pretoria yesterday.

Wellington resident Amanda Swart says she doesn't understand why the culprits would deface Murray's statue as he was a religious man.

"I didn't know what they were doing because there's no connection between Murray and colonialism."

Another resident told Eyewitness News nobody witnessed the incident.