Statue of Queen Victoria vandalised in PE

The sculpture has been smeared with green paint.

The statue of Queen Victoria was vandalised in Pretoria on 10 April 2015. Picture: Gerida via Twitter

CAPE TOWN - The statue of Queen Victoria in Port Elizabeth is the latest sculpture in the country to be vandalised.

The sculpture was smeared with green paint in the most recent instance of reaction towards colonial era statues in the country.

During the night Queen Victoria statue was also damaged with green paint.

Several sculptures in the Eastern Cape and Pretoria have also been defaced in the wake of protests at UCT which called for the removal of the Cecil John Rhodes statue.

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality mayoral spokesperson Kupido Baron said, "This morning we discovered that Queen Victoria's statue, situated in front of the main library, was vandalised with green paint. We managed to cordon off the area and we now will start off with an investigation."

It's the second statue in Port Elizabeth to have been hit by vandals. The Horse Memorial was also recently vandalised as it was toppled from its plinth.

In Uitenhage, an Anglo-Boer War memorial was also targeted.

Earlier this week, the sculpture of Louis Botha outside Parliament had red and purple paint dumped on it.

Two people have been arrested following this incident.

The statue of Paul Kruger and the four Burgers in Pretoria were also defaced, as was the sculpture of King George the Fifth at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.