Wiz Khalifa’s touching tribute to Paul Walker

The not-so-fast-or-furious music video made its Youtube debut this week.

Screengrab of Paul Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor, as he appears in Wiz Khalifa's music video

JOHANNESBURG - American rapper Wiz Khalifa collaborated with pop artist Charlie Puth in honouring the late Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker.

Titled See you again, the song captures the essence of how Walker, who became a symbol of street-racing and car culture for his role as law enforcement officer Brian O'Conner in the Fast and Furious series, will always be remembered and missed by his fans.

The actor died in a car crash in December 2013 in California.

Khalifa, famous for his explicit lyrics, took a not-so-furious approach in honouring the actor by creating a semi-fast tune with heart-warming lyrics.

The video made its Youtube debut this week and features Puth and Khalifa performing in front of cars similar to the ones in the movie series, along with scenes of Walker's character.

The song features on the soundtrack for Fast 7 which smashed records by making $143.6 million in its opening weekend in the US and more than R20 million by its fourth day in South Africa.

WATCH: The not-so-fast-or-furious music video of See you again