‘All monuments must be protected’

Steve Hofmeyr said the removal of statues in Pretoria would destroy the country's heritage.

A group of Afrikaners protested against the removal of a statue of Paul Kruger in Pretoria's Church Square on 8 April 2015. Picture: Reinart Toperien/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - There are renewed calls for urgent debate on racial and cultural differences in South Africa.

Hundreds of people gathered in Church Square in central Pretoria yesterday, calling for the statues of Paul Kruger and The Burghers of Calais to be protected.

The demonstration was organised by the Freedom Front Plus (FF+) and controversial Afrikaans singers Sunette Bridges and Steve Hofmeyr.

A number of people who gathered in Church Square said all monuments erected around the country, even those of Paul Kruger and The Burghers of Calais, must be protected.

One man said South Africans are not addressing the root of the problem.

"We got democracy; it was a blanket of this issue. We never discussed those issues."

Hofmeyr said the removal of the statues would be destroying the country's heritage.

"Don't narrow it down and don't erase it, it doesn't really work. It's not good for reconciliation as it is."

WATCH: Steve Hofmeyr says Kruger must stay

There have been calls for all statues to remain where they are.

Meanwhile, the Cecil John Rhodes statue at University of Cape Town will be removed at 5pm today after weeks of protests by some students.

A decision to have the statue removed was taken at a meeting last night.