Muslim council to host Isis awareness workshop

A 15-year-old girl reportedly on her way to join a terrorist organisation was intercepted at the weekend.

FILE: Muslim Judicial Council (MJC). Picture: EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) will on Wednesday host a workshop to raise awareness around the dangers of militant groups such as Islamic State (Isis).

At the weekend, a 15-year-old Cape Town girl was intercepted after boarding a plane at Cape Town International Airport, reportedly on her way to join the terrorist organisation.

It's believed the teen may have been targeted and recruited via social media.

The ministry probed all the girl's online activities, including a payment to an unknown source, to find any evidence of who may have asked her to join the cause.

The MJC's Nabeweya Malick said, "The core message that needs to go out there is that Isis does not represent Islam and Muslims. Their actions violate pillars of Islam so we will be raising awareness workshops with our clergy where we will inform them about Isis and their methodology."

Questions were also being raised as to why the girl was not sent to her destination under security supervision.

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At the same time, the MJC also condemned the brutal attack at a Kenyan university in which scores of people were massacred.

Nearly 150 people, mostly students, were killed when gunmen stormed the Garissa University College campus just before dawn on Friday.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the assault, but Malick said they were saddened by the attack.

"We convey our condolences to the people of Kenya, and we would also like to say the actions of al-Shabaab do not reflect the qualities and the values that one would expect from an Islamic organisation."

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