Students picket outside Rhodes statue meeting

UCT's council is in a closed meeting to decide on the fate of the Cecil John Rhodes statue.

UCT students on their way to picket outside the council meeting venue where a decision of the fate of the Cecil John Rhodes statue is taking place. Picture: Masa Kekana/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - A group of University of Cape Town (UCT) students are picketing outside the council meeting that is deciding the fate of the Cecil John Rhodes statue this afternoon.

The university has come under the spotlight after a movement called Rhodes Must Fall ignited on campus.

The protesting students are calling for the removal of the statue from campus among other demands related to transformation.

The university's council is in a closed meeting to decide whether the statue should be removed.

Alex Hotz is part of the movement and says they are hoping the council looks at all their demands and not just the statue.

"We want to see name changes of buildings and that can happen immediately. We want to see the Jameson Hall being changed to Mafeje Hall. We are also calling for a complete review of the curriculum."

The protesting students say they will not accept the decision to have the statue moved to a different part of the campus and want it gone completely.

#RhodesStatue UCT Council meeting in procession to decide the fate of the statue. @MasaKekana

#RhodesStatue #RhodesMustFall protestors picketing outside the Council meeting venue. @MasaKekana

#RhodesStatue Traffic being obstructed with protestors now in the street. MK

Last month, the UCT senate voted in favour of the removal of the contentious Rhodes statue, following weeks of protests at the university.

UCT's council and Heritage Western Cape also have to sign off on the decision to remove the statue.

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