Land invasion in Khayelitsha turns violent

Residents stoned passing vehicles and a security guard was attacked in the chaos.

Fire services on the scene to extinguish the fires and clean up the mess. Picture: Xolani Koyana/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Land grabs in Khayelitsha have turned violent with invaders stoning vehicles in the area.

This after a group of land invaders was chased off privately-owned land they had illegally occupied near the Nolungile train station.

Members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are leading the action.

The group has moved to another section of Khayelitsha near Spine Road where they stoned vehicles.

Police have now closed off a number of streets.

Earlier an attempt by the group to loot a supermarket was thwarted by security guards who closed the doors.

A security guard was attacked in the chaos.

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Law enforcement officials on Wednesday completely destroyed all the structures built by Khayelitsha residents who illegally invaded a piece of land in the township.

Despite authorities breaking down some of the structures on Tuesday night, the group returned to the land on Wednesday.

It then took less than five minutes for Cape Town Municipality law enforcement officials to move in and tear down all the shacks.

Evictions begin with rocks and teargas, rubber bullets and chaos. @ThomHolder

They were met with resistance as angry locals hurled rocks at officers.

Officials retaliated by firing rubber bullets and using stun grenades which sent some running for cover.

Police issue a 20min eviction deadline in Khayelitsha. Occupants answer simply: "We aren't going anywhere!" TH

Earlier on Wednesday, police gave invaders one hour to leave the area, with one officer producing what appeared to be an eviction order.

The City of Cape Town has opened a criminal case against two senior EFF officials who led the land grab.

The EFF on Tuesday warned city officials that illegal land occupations would continue as it "formed part of the party's mandate."

Image: Xolani Koyana/EWN

The City condemned the land grabs and warned private land owners to be vigilant. It also encouraged people to report incidences of illegal land occupation to relevant authorities.