UCT SRC lobbying university council

The SRC along with ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ have demanded the statue of Cecil John Rhodes be removed.

FILE: Using the slogan 'Rhodes Must Fall' students are demanding the Cecil John Rhodes statue be taken down on the University of Cape Town's campus, as it represents institutional racism. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - With a crucial vote expected this week in the University of Cape Town (UCT's) history, the UCT Student Representative Council (SRC) is already lobbying the institution's council to see their point of view.

The SRC along with a movement called ' Rhodes Must Fall' have been demanding the statue of Cecil John Rhodes be removed from campus and have called for broader transformation at the university.

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Council is on Wednesday expected to make a decision regarding a recommendation by the UCT senate that the statue be taken down.

SRC President Ramabina Mahapa on Monday said they'd sent a document to council.

"We just will basically highlight some of the issues of transformation that are there. It really talks about what are the issues of institutional symbolism and what actually needs to change. We also are recommending that there should be a review of some sort in terms of the symbolism that is on campus."

Mahapi said they didn't want council to discuss only the statue, but also concerns of institutional racism.

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