EFF claims responsibility for Uitenhage war memorial fire

Members allegedly placed a tyre around the statue in Uitenhage’s Market Square & set it alight.

FILE: Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have taken responsibility for setting a war memorial statue alight in Uitenhage yesterday.

Police say at least 10 members of the party allegedly placed a tyre around the statue in Uitenhage's Market Square but were stopped.

A case of malicious damage to property is being investigated by police.

The incident comes amid a wave of country-wide protests against colonial monuments.

The EFF's Bo Madwara says, "We put a tyre around the neck of that white statue and we put it on fire, but after the cops attempted to put out the fire, we took a 10-pound hammer, which we brought ourselves, and attempted to knock it down."

The group did not succeed with the hammer as it was confiscated by police.

This was yesterday; #EFF burnt this old statue in #Uitenhage & police tried to man handle them but yhoo bekunzima pic.twitter.com/qEaaaYSAjz

Fighters of Uitenhage!!! Taking on Town Hall!!! Down with colonialist statues down!!! #Siyagijima #Fearfokol ! pic.twitter.com/pTk6NHtIkw