Nigerians celebrate Buhari's historic election victory

Outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan has conceded defeat following elections that went down to the wire.

FILE: Nigeria's newly elected president Muhammadu Buhari. Picture: AFP

ABUJA - Decades after seizing power in a military coup Muhammadu Buhari will become the first Nigerian leader to oust a sitting president through the ballot box.

Outgoing Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat and congratulated the former military ruler, who last came to power in Nigeria via a coup in 1993.

Buhari's camp says it's an unprecedented step that should help to defuse anger among Jonathan's supporters.

In the religiously mixed northern city of Kaduna, where 800 people were killed in violence after the last elections in 2011, Buhari supporters streamed onto the streets to celebrate his victory.

This voter is ecstatic at the result and says this is an historic moment for all Nigerians.

"President Goodluck Jonathan has lost the election because most of the people now our chance is behind our new president. This is our hope."

He's the first man in that African giant to democratically unseat an incumbent president.

He's now got to keep his campaign promises to defeat the Islamist terror group Boko Haram that made its deadly presence felt in the northeast of the country killing 20 people on polling day.

And he has to grab corruption by the scruff of the neck.

His harsh approach to the graft that is holding back Nigeria led to his being replaced as military leader after 20 months in the eighties.

Arguably his biggest problem and there's little he can do about it, is the depressed price of oil, which is the cornerstone of his economy.