Duckworth-Lewis Method flawed?

Duckworth-Lewis Method flawed? Seriously? April Fools! If you fell for this one!

South African captain AB de Villiers falls to his knees after New Zealand beat the Proteas in the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup semifinals at Eden Park, Auckland on 24 March 2015. Picture: CSA.

Note: We seriously hope you didn't fall for this one. But if you did...April Fools!

JOHANNESBURG - The International Cricket Council (ICC) has released a statement claiming that it will be scrapping the Duckworth-Lewis Method.

The move comes after an ICC task team investigation found a loophole in the method which leaves the door open to possible mathematical manipulation.

This came to a head at the recent World Cup where an adjustment was made after a rain delay and a revised target set during the Proteas semifinal against New Zealand which many observers thought to be incorrect.

The ICC says it will have emergency talks with the Board of India Cricket, Cricket Australia, Cricket South Africa, and the New Zealand Cricket Board to discuss the issue.