Critics slam 'low brow' Trevor Noah, but locals defend SA star

The comedian has received some backlash via Twitter over four-year-old tweets about Israel & fat women.

Trevor Noah. Picture: Byron L Keulemans/GQ South Africa.

JOHANNESBURG - Comedian Trevor Noah has already come under fire for some of his previous tweets, ahead of his debut on Comedy Central's _ The Daily Show_, with some people even suggesting that South Africans may have higher threshold for humour.

Noah will be taking over the role of hosting Comedy Central's popular satirical news series The Daily Show later this year, when Jon Stewart steps down.

Stewart announced last year that he'd be leaving the show after having been its host since 1999.

While Noah is well-known to South Africans, the comedian hasn't been received well by some Americans via social media.

At first, a lot of people didn't really know who he was but after scanning his Twitter timelines, some didn't like what they found.

@Trevornoah מזל טוב

Trevor Noah can tell a joke as well as palestinian terrorists know how to kill Jews. #justsayin


#TrevorNoah: What Does #JonStewart's Replacement Think of #Jews?

Sad that some1 as ignorant as @TrevorNoah will host @TheDailyShow w/ comments like these. #Israel @StandWithUs

Jews, "untermenschen", "fat chicks" & "girls with big asses" - subjects of @Trevornoah's low-brow humour. Jon Stewart's replacement, folks!

@Trevornoah The ghosts of twitters past are coming to haunt you. What you put on social media is what the world perceives of you.

#TrevorNoah: What Does #JonStewart's Replacement Think of #Jews?

But South Africans have defended their own, responding to tweets accusing Noah of being a Jew hater, a racist or a douchebag.

@YeahThatsKosher @Trevornoah @TheDailyShow @StandWithUs sad that someone as overdramatic as you cant tell between humour and hatred #itsOK

@Trevornoah haters gonna hate my did great

Yo. I'm CRYING laughing at Trevor Noah's tweets.

@ArianaGicPerry @Trevornoah calm down princess. have you taken a day and read Stewarts and Colberts tweets?? its called humour, not hatred

I won't let American's spoil our @Trevornoah news,this is the closest we will ever get to winning the soccerworldcup lol fuck all you haters

Oh dear those fat jokes and sending up Israel tweets not landing so well for our @Trevornoah in US. Do we have higher humour threshold?

Many have lauded Noah's new role as a brave move on the part of Comedy Central to go with a relatively unfamiliar name in the United States.

It's not yet known if he will tackle American politics in the style Stewart became loved for or if Noah will take the show back to its popular culture roots.

But there are hopes he will help stimulate conversations around race, a subject that continues to make headlines in America.

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