‘Maqubela showed delusional tendencies and lacks empathy’

The 'Black Widow' has been sentenced to an effective 18 years in jail for murdering her husband.

Convicted murderer Thandi Maqubela is handcuffed after sentencing and momentarily stops to mouth a few words to her family in the gallery in the High Court. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The Western Cape High Court on Tuesday ruled that convicted killer, Thandi Maqubela, has shown delusional tendencies and lacks empathy.

Judge John Murphy weighed up a string of aggravating and mitigating factors when he sentenced Maqubela to an effective term of 18 years behind bars for killing her husband, forgery and fraud.

Murphy considered that she killed her husband, Acting Judge Patrick Maqubela during an "explosive crisis" in the couple's marriage and that she had been humiliated by his numerous infidelities.

But he also said she displayed a proclivity towards deception, fraudulent conduct and an almost delusional tendency to fabricate wholly implausible falsehoods.

"The murder here committed was most likely a once-off event arising from in the context of a pathological marriage."

He said her husband's lack of remorse for his adulterous ways in all probability, clouded her judgement and moral compass.

She has been sentenced to an effective 18 years in jail for murdering her husband, Acting Judge Patrick Maqubela.

She also forged his will and fraudulently presented it to the Johannesburg Office of the Master of the High Court.

Meanwhile, the slain acting judge's son said the 18-year sentence imposed on Maqubela, brings to his family relief and closure.

Duma, Patrick Maqubela's son from a previous marriage, said the verdict signals the end of a chapter.

Maqubela has spent the last 16 months behind bars and will begin serving the rest of her sentence as of Tuesday.