Is America ready for Trevor Noah?

The SA comedian will replace Jon Stewart in hosting Comedy Central's satirical news series ‘The Daily Show’.

Trevor Noah tweeted this photograph of himself and John Stewart when he made his first appearance on ‘The Daily Show’ on 4 December 2014. Picture: Twitter @Trevornoah

NEW YORK/CAPE TOWN - South Africans may know him very well, but Americans are fast learning just who Trevor Noah is.

The comedian will be taking over the role of hosting Comedy Central's popular satirical news series _ The Daily Show_ later this year, when Jon Stewart steps down.

Stewart announced last year that he'd be stepping down after having hosted the show since 1999.

Whether it's E! Entertainment's 10 things to know about Trevor Noah or the Hollywood Reporter's critical analysis of his appointment, the South African comedian's profile has shot up exponentially.

The Daily Beast called it the hottest job in America and there's an intrigue and interest to see what Noah does in the role.

Until then, audiences are waiting to find out the date of Stewart's departure and the date Noah begins.


Owner of the Cape Town Comedy Club and comedian Kurt Schoonraad says this speaks to the quality of comedians South Africa is producing.

"It just proves that comedy is a global community, not an isolated thing in South Africa and it just opens so many doors for young South African comedians to perform on a level that is respected. It's fantastic!"

WATCH: Trevor Noah on The Daily Show: Spot the Africa

Many have lauded Noah's new role as a brave move on the part of Comedy Central to go with a relatively unfamiliar name in the United States.

It's not yet known if he will tackle American politics in the style Stewart became loved for or if Noah will take the show back to its popular culture roots.

But there are hopes he will help stimulate conversations around race, a subject that continues to make headlines in America.


The social media reaction, true to form, has been fast and furious.

First, Noah took to Twitter, to express his humble jubilation of his future comedy prospects.

No-one can replace Jon Stewart. But together with the amazing team at The Daily Show, we will continue to make this the best damn news show!

And then…

He made it! RT @CapitalFM_kenya: . @TrevorNoah to take over @TheDailyShow after Stewart's exit

Trevor Noah will be awesome on The Daily Show

Hahahaha RT " @ChuckCJohnson: It's going to be really interesting when people find the new Daily Show host Trevor Noah's Hitler jokes."

Trevor Noah: It's My Culture - Springbok Bafana: via @YouTube

Wikipedia gives Trevor Noah the tongue bath you'd expect. He's not just a comedian - he's a political satirist.

anyone else watch the "Meet Trevor Noah" playlist you tube and slowly fall in love with him?