Top 10 ‘South Africanisms’ worth knowing

EWN compiled a list of ‘South Africanisms’ following news Trevor Noah will soon host ‘The Daily Show’.

South African comedian Trevor Noah. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Now that South African comedian Trevor Noah has been confirmed to take over as the host of The Daily Show, Eyewitness News has compiled a worthwhile list of "South Africanisms" that might help Americans better understand his humour.

Earlier on Monday The New York Times reported that Noah would replace Jon Stewart on the world-famous show at the end of next season.

Noah, who's appeared on the Daily Show three times, told the publication that he was taken by surprise when he got the news.

Here's a list of some popular South African words and phrases that could help American audiences, just in case Noah slips into his home country vernacular while on the show:

  1. Ag man - Oh man; ag is the Afrikaans version "oh man".

  1. Braai - In American terms would be referred to as a barbecue.

  1. Jou ma se - Translates to "Your mother's…" This phrase is an Afrikaans colloquialism used in reference to hurling insults at someone's mother; the dots can be filled in with the imagination.

  1. Just now - could mean soon, in a short time or in a short while but not immediately.

  1. Ag shame - an endearing sentiment expressing solidarity with whomever it's said.

  1. Ja - Translated into English, it merely means yes. It can also used as an affirmative response to questions asked.

  1. Yoh - An exclamation popularly used to express surprise.

  1. Babelaas - A hangover.

  1. Howzit - an informal manner of greeting someone, hello, how are you, good morning, the American equivalent would be 'what's up'?

  1. Eish - A popular expression of surprise or frustration.